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How To: Switzerland in 5 Days

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Like many of you, 2020 was supposed to be "our year", but obviously things have changed a lot regarding travel all thanks to COVID-19. We happened to take a trip to Switzerland right before everything unfolded and are so grateful we went when we did. My intention in sharing this (despite the given circumstances), is that it will give you hope ANDDDD give you more time to plan your future dream trip to this beautiful country.

If you're looking for an outdoor adventure and immaculate landscapes (ones that make you want to pinch yourself because it doesn't even seem real in person), you have got to put this country on your bucket list. If you're looking to go solo or are looking for a romantic couples trip, we've got you covered on this travel guide to Zürich, Interlaken, Zermatt, and some places in between! Check out our Instagram highlights @ismail_amir15 and @merenator for more videos.


What's so great about Switzerland? The flag is definitely a plus! ;)

Switzerland is the home of world-class watches, yummy fondue, pocket knives, neutrality, and of course, chocolate! I was expecting there to be more French, so I was surprised that the majority of every city was very German-centric. Make sure you learn the essentials in Swiss-German especially to be a good, thoughtful American tourist! Also, we decided to go in the winter since I love cuddly winter weather and wanted to truly experience the Swiss Alps, but Switzerland is great in the summer or winter! Now for the agenda (minus travel time):

Day 1: Zürich (February 14th)

Talk about a romantic place to spend Valentine's Day!

Lodging: The Lucky Traveller Inn - Sustainability STAY; $126.47, Host: Ivan

  1. Visit Fraumünster Church

  2. Explore old Police Station (Waisenhaus Zürich)

  3. Walk down The Limmat River & go shopping in Old Town

  4. Fondue Dinner at Chuchi Fondue

  5. Drinks at Zuri Bar

Day 2: Interlaken (February 15th-17th)

Lodging: Bed and Bar NO.8 (Double Room w/ private bathroom)

  1. Paraglide over the whole city with Skywings Paragliding

  2. Panoramic Views from Harder Kulm

  3. Visit Old Town Square in Unterseen

  4. Take bus to Oberhofen Castle & Lake Thun

  5. Walk down Aare River

  6. Dinner at Stadthaus (order the Rösti & punsch!)

  7. Coffee at Aarburg Hotel

Day 3: Interlaken

Our favorite day. Transportation & activities for whole day was $136 and ticket can be bought at Interlaken Ost station.

  1. Train to Lauterbrunnen - walk through village to gorgeous graveyard & waterfall

  2. Bus to Stechelberg

  3. Cablecar to Gimmelwald - Pension Gimmelwald David Waterhouse for drinks

  4. Cablecar to Mürren - Lunch at Hotel Belle Vue (fondue!) & shopping

  5. Cablecar to Birg - Thrillwalk & Swiss Alps Panoramic Views

  6. Cablecar to Schilthorn - Pix Gloria & Bond World (where they filmed On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

  7. Italian Dinner & Wine at Città Vecchia in Interlaken

Day 4: Zermatt (February 17th-19th)

Lodging: Hotel Antika Standard Double Room, Mountain View (They even made Amir a cake and gave us champagne for his birthday!)

  1. Spend an hour walking through beautiful city streets & visit Rolex store

  2. Use your own hotel's spa or book a massage at Backstage Hotel Spa

  3. Visit St Peter’s ‘The English Church’

  4. Walk down Matter Vispa and get your first view of the famous Matterhorn Mountain

  5. Dinner at Grand Hotel Zermatterhof (Amir's B-day dinner!)

  6. Drinks at Unique Hotel Post

Day 5: Zermatt

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Our only regret from the trip - not taking the time to ski or riding the Gornergrat Bahn.

  1. Walk to Zermatt Cable Car Ski Lift (Talstat

  2. Cablecar to Furi - Right at the border of Switzerland and Italy!

  3. Cablecar to Schwarzsee - Best pictures of the Matterhorn and the Zermatt sign! We had so much fun playing in the snow and I 100% lost our snow ball fight.

  4. Cablecar to Steg & Klein Matterhorn - Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (Ice sculptures & cinema) & Swiss Alps Panoramic Views

  5. Après Ski Drinks at Harry's or Papperla Pub

  6. Dinner at Restaurant Du Pont

**NOTE: Left on a Delta flight from Charlotte the evening of the 13th and arrived in the morning of the 14th. Departed Zurich on a Delta flight the afternoon of the 18th and got to Charlotte at 9:30p EST on the same day.


Keep in mind Switzerland is not the cheapest country out there, but we tried to keep it as cost effective as possible to spend more money on activities compared to food & lodging:

  • Flight: $650 thanks to SkyScanner app & monitoring Google flights. Average flight is around $1300.

  • Currency: CHF

  • Food: Free breakfast with hotels and really only focused on one big meal a day.

  • Lodging: Tried to find the most affordable AirBnBs & hotel on More details on this per city. Stayed under $150 a night except in Zermatt (difficult to find anything under $250/night).

Do's & Don'ts


- Schedule out activities

- Drink fresh water from the fountains

- Travel to Pix Gloria


- Spend $$ on too many unnecessary meals

- Buy an expensive watch

- Forget to ski in the Swiss Alps


Average temperature was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Brought one carry-on and one packed suitcase. Here are the essentials for Switzerland in February:

  • Heavy Jacket with Hood

  • Stylish Heavy Jacket: Going to be wearing this in a majority of photos.

  • Texting Gloves

  • Bathing Suit: Bring for spas!

  • Snow Boots

  • Comfy travel clothes for the trains

  • Beanie / Puppy Hat

  • Sunglasses: Bright snow!

  • Ski Attire (if applicable)


Hope you all enjoyed my very first blog post and encourage your friends to subscribe or join The Dean's List community! Please give me feedback and let me know if there are other things you'd like to see or would suggest!

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