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Smiling More Because of Pearl

pearl. Dentistry Reimagined has been doing my general dentistry for years now in Charlotte, but we just started Invisalign last March and I am SO happy with the results. Thought it would be helpful to provide a step-by-step guide to getting a straighter smile if you're interested in Invisalign.

💠 To give you a background, Dr. Jenny Gandhi started Pearl Dentistry Reimagined in 2015 & is dedicated to changing the perception of dentistry in Uptown Charlotte. This University of Georgia grad (Go Dawgs!) is one of the top Invisalign providers in the region. This female-led team has made me feel so comfortable for every single appointment and walks me through everything to help me get that perfect smile I've been wanting. ⁣⁣

🎧 At one of their 3 convenient locations (College St, Tryon St, Park Rd), you can watch Netflix during appointments, listen to music on Beats, & even play a round of pool! They have a chic, relaxed ambiance, a 5️⃣-star rating, and offer free take-home whitening kits to patients! 🦷⁣⁣

As for why I considered starting Invisalign with Pearl, my bottom teeth were crowded and had moved because I didn't wear a retainer after having braces when I was 16. Finally they are super straight now that I’m almost done with my last trays! There even used to be a tiny gap in between my front two teeth that I was self-conscious about that they have been able to close. Honestly, perfect timing with everyone wearing masks too - even though it’s really not super noticeable!


March 2021

Time for my Consultation! They image your entire mouth and show what progress you’ll eventually have with a digital mock-up. Ended up getting my trays after a care plan was established.

Week 1: Strange getting used to having something in your mouth for 22 of the 24 hours a day with the trays. Have to take it out every time you eat. Make sure you bring a toothbrush and wash the trays as much as you can!

Week 2: Starting asking people for tips who had had it before. They really make your mouth sore, so bring ibuprofen. Another great tip was to remember not to put the trays in a napkin.

Week 3: I went on vacation and was an idiot since I didn't listen to that previous advice and lost my trays in the trash accidentally because I put them in a napkin. Wore week 2 trays to not lose progress.

Week 4: I had an appointment to get the attachments placed on my teeth to help them move faster. These buttons make the Invisalign a bit more noticeable and trays don’t as easily fall into place.

Week 5: At this point, you get so used to the trays that it honestly feels weird without them. Plus, I have a mask on the majority of the day so others don't notice them either! Just a slight lisp when speaking.

Remaining Weeks: Just normal wear, the soreness isn't as bad, and love seeing the progress with how straight my teeth are becoming!

October 2021

Checked in with Dr. Gandhi to see progress from first set. Need to get the next set of trays! I ended up picking them up curbside from the Pearl staff. Rinse and repeat.

February 2022

Came back in for imaging again. Doing a few more trays to make sure bite is perfect. We are in the homestretch!

My Google Review:

I have been thoroughly impressed by Pearl Dentistry‘s attention to detail and how they truly care about their patients! Dr. Gandhi and Lauren have been guiding me through my Invisalign journey. This female-led practice walks me through every step of the process without making me feel like I’m rushed and they are always available for any questions. Besides being a 5-star dentistry and experts in their field, the two offices in uptown are absolutely stunning and you feel like you’re getting a luxury experience. I love the decor and being able to watch Netflix to make your appointment fly by. I would highly recommend Pearl to anyone in the Queen City - especially the way that they care for their patients and the community at large.

Go book them at!

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