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EmpowerCon is the premier empowerment conference for inspiring and uplifting ALL of humanity. Our mission is to bring together the trailblazers that encourage positive change and growth in Charlotte, NC.

Our community came together to connect, learn, inspire, and celebrate at EmpowerCon on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Our sessions featured influential speakers from every industry that touched on the following topics: 

diversity & inclusion, mentorship & allyship, entrepreneurship & finance, family & wellness, environment & sustainability, STEAM fields & education, networking & community, & more!

We succeeded in carrying out our vision and the feedback we received from attendees throughout the day was phenomenal - people started finding true community, talked to people they may have not normally encountered, made quality connections with each other, gained new information & viewpoints, and felt like they could make a difference in their city and in each others’ lives.

Now one conference did not mean that we had fixed all of our problems. We have a long way to go in terms of social justice and equity, but it was a good step forward in Charlotte. We didn't just talk, we took action and have been committed to doing the work. 

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