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We transform your offline dreams to an online brand. Your one-stop-shop for all your digital branding needs to help you launch the career of your dreams. We want to highlight your abilities beyond a one-page black and white resume. The Dean's List Digital Branding & Career Consulting will make your personality & accomplishments come to life via our services:

online portfolios/personal websites, social media coaching & revamping, branding workshops, influencer collaborations, content creation, career counseling, & resume redesign 


I started to brand myself at a very young age -- using HTML coding to make a customized MySpace profile that could impress my friends and family. Fast forward to the start of my freshman year at The University of Georgia, I created a logo, personal website/online portfolio, and business card. This strong digital brand allowed me to present myself well before even meeting potential employers for jobs or internships.


Thanks to my digital branding and conscious effort at learning business professional etiquette, I landed internships at Fox 5 & CNN in Atlanta, Georgia and Terre Des Langues in Tours, France. After college, I landed my first job as Deborah Norville's Executive Assistant at Inside Edition in New York City and am currently the Studio Coordinator and On-Air Personality at Ryan Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC.


In 2015, I wanted to combine my passions for branding, tech, design, telling peoples' stories, coaching young professionals, my family's non profit in Western Kenya, and empowering women. After a couple of sleepless nights of planning and web design in my tiny NYC apartment, the idea for The Dean's List Services International, Inc. was born. At 22, I founded my own tech start-up to help digitally brand young professionals and score them the job of their dreams through a showcasing of their accomplishments.

Best part? We donate a percentage of every branding package to Habitat Aid Initiative, empowering women and alleviating poverty in Western Kenya. AND we are the most affordable digital branding company you'll ever find. Our prices are scaled to help businesses and young professionals on a budget. We know what goes around comes around and that you will use your skills to help others, just like we do through our services. My proudest accomplishment is donating a girls dormitory in Western Kenya -- all thanks to profits from TDL clients. 

The Dean's List goal is to empower students, young professionals, small business entrepreneurs, actors, journalists, models, non-profits -- you name it -- with our services.  In this fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, you need to make your best first impression on the web and we help you put your best foot forward. And we have a proven track record of starting people on a path to success. Entirely run by females, The Dean's List is all about women's empowerment, breaking industry stereotypes, and changing the world one digital brand at a time.


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