Hello from Charlotte, NC! I'm Meredith Dean - a community builder, multimedia specialist, career & branding consultant, and digital entrepreneur.


I'm the Studio Coordinator/On-Air Personality for Seacrest Studios and the CEO/Founder of The Dean's List. My 9-5 and 5-9 helped me become one of Charlotte's 30 Under 30 and UGA's 40 Under 40 Leaders. When wearing my entertainment industry hat, I create uplifting programming for pediatric patients that includes game shows, celebrity interviews, and performances at Levine Children's Hospital. As a female entrepreneur, I started my own digital branding & career consulting company in 2015 in my tiny NYC apartment. The Dean’s List helps professionals get their dreams jobs/clients by building personal websites and enhancing their online presence. We also build community by hosting Dinners, Meetups, and EmpowerCon for all walks of life to connect. A portion of profits go to Habitat Aid Initiative, my family's non-profit which builds sustainable communities, clinics, girls schools, and wells in the Western Kenya area. My mission is to help young professionals in a very competitive job market, empower everyone, and to bring client's stories to life in a digital format. 


Born & raised in Atlanta, studied at The University of Georgia, and

moved to the Queen City from Manhattan


Speaking French, Fireworks, Zootopia, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Skiing, Giraffes, Traveling, Video Games, Supporting Women in STEM Fields


Carbonated Drinks, Poor Usage of You're/Your, Green Bananas,

Disrespectful Tourists, Losing Card Games, Jello, Bullying


1. Empower everyone.
2. Be aware, but don't compare.
3. Everyone matters.
4. Find the positive.
5. Stay curious.

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